Tri-anim Logo
Tri-anim Health Services, a Sarnova Company, provides innovative, proven products, paired with clinical expertise, that span the continuum of care. More than just a specialty healthcare supplier, Tri-anim is also your partner in healthcare excellence. With over 35 years of experience, we understand the business of healthcare. We offer value-oriented programs, combined with a fast and reliable supply chain, nationwide sales support, in-service training and one-call customer care, to help your organization improve patient care, maximize operational efficiencies and navigate the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Tri-anim specializes in healthcare excellence and offers a comprehensive suite of quality products. From leading-edge technologies to everyday consumables, Tri-anim provides targeted clinical product solutions in a variety of categories including medication delivery, secretion clearance, airway management, anesthesia, monitoring, ventilation, resuscitation and oxygen therapy, to name a few.

Our Customers

  • Hospital Respiratory Departments
  • Hospital Anesthesia Departments
  • Hospital Specialty Floors and Units (PICU, ICU, NICU, CICU)
  • Emergency Departments
  • Surgery and Outpatient Centers
  • Long-term Care Hospitals